Happy Awesomeness Eve, everyone!

Yoga loves,

I’m on a Facebook-Free February, along with some other life detox endeavors, so I look forward to sharing with you all through this lovely blog and beyond.

Also, I would love to host some yoga /meditation nights at my good-for-the-soul place, should any of you be interested I’m getting together for some candlelight goodness. Let’s pow wow on that.

Have a wonderful day, dears. Happy brink of a brand new, exciting, self-care-filled beginning, everyone!

… and sincere thanks to the organizers for putting this together, and for the tech support, per my confusion yesterday! ūüėČ

Much love,

Lisa Jeanne (Kulon)

Get to know each other?

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to begin this amazing journey with everyone! Since we will hopefully be inspiring and encouraging each other over the next 101 days, I thought it might be nice to do a sort of virtual meet and greet. Maybe we could all answer the following and of course anything else you would like to add in! Namaste!

– where are you from?

-how long have you been practicing?

-what do you hope to accomplish over the next 100 days?

-a fun fact about yourself

As for me, I am from New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. I have been practicing almost a year now and it’s been one of the greatest years of my life. Over the next 100 days I hope to become lighter and more focused in my practices. I tend to be a worrisome person and I would love for my practice to help me be more at ease in life. As a fun fact, I recently got engaged to the love my life at the top of a mountain while skiing and it was -7 degrees at the time, but amazing!


I have to be honest.
Winter has knocked me on my ass this year.

I lost some ritual, I lost my yoga practice. I singed up on a whim to do 100 days of yoga, it starts in 2 days, and I am nervous, in the best of ways.

I want to be accountable, I want to participate, and I want to find my practice again.

I’m up for it if you guys are.

I will be sharing music/visuals that inspire me along the way.
I know some of you have seen this first one, but I like this lyric:

…Freedom is what you do with what, with what’s been done to you…”


Check it out below.
Myna Bird -Body of Work


48 hours, until all of our bodies feel like summer on the inside for 100 straight days.
Good luck, and deep breaths my people.
I’ll “see” you all soon.

Home practice inspiration

IMG_2629What’s the best thing about a home practice? No trudging throughout the cold during the record making “polar vortex.” No having to get to the studio at a certain time. But there are also drawbacks. Like motivation. So I wanted to share the following resource with fellow yogis undertaking this challenge.

Yogaglo.com. I have been a user of this site for years now, and it’s awesome when you want to do home practice (or hotel practice). There are many different levels, styles, durations, teachers, and techniques. If you have 20 minutes and want some yin, they’ve got it. If you want some philosophy, its there. Arm balance crazy, Kathryn Budig is a teacher! It’s a steaming site so you can log on from you desktop or laptop, and there’s also an iPad app! It is a cost site, but at only $18 a month (less then the price of 1 yoga class at most studios), I think, totally worth it.

For those times over the next 100 days when we want to practice, but can’t or don’t want to get in to the studio.

Inspired to use my home space

I am really excited to go on this journey with everyone and to have this space to document this adventure. ¬†I’ve had a home space for a while but have used it rarely. ¬†This challenge will allow for me to not only deepen my yoga practice in a studio space but also at home. ¬† I would like to share my home space with you all. ¬†Thanks for this opportunity to bring all of our energy together with one purpose.

Kenya's home space

Kenya’s home space

Home yoga space!

In preparation for our 100 day challenge, I’ve set up my own in-home studio — I don’t know about you guys, but I often work late and can’t make it into the studio. Having an inspiring, cozy space set up at home motivates me to get my practice in, even if it’s been a long day and I just want to sleep…

Bringing in warm colors and comforting objects into your space is always a great idea. I also have incense in my yoga space, a tv to watch instructional videos, and speakers to play ambient music. ¬†I use a space heater to get a variety of heated yoga, but of course, that isn’t a necessary component. I also have lamps and candles near by so appropriate lighting can help set the tone of my practice as well.

Just wanted to share this, as it definitely has gotten me excited and pumped to start this challenge!!

A cozy spot with incense, music, and Ganesh "Om gum ganapataye namaha"

A cozy spot with incense, music, and Ganesh
“Om gum ganapataye namaha”

Inspirational video on never giving up

Yo Yo Yogis!

This is a must see video.  I love stories like this, ones that help us understand what we could we accomplish in our lives if we didn’t give up.

Another reason I love this video is because it shows yoga can create change.  This is great inspiration as we head into the 100-day yoga challenge starting in 5 days on 2/1.

More people need to see this! But be warned it’s a tear jerker.

Blog emails to come out tonight

6 days left

Six more days until the 100 day challenge begins. ¬†Please CLICK HERE¬†and send¬†me your email address if you haven’t yet. ¬†The blog email message will be going out tonight.

Wondering why you should blog? Well …

The great philosopher Krishnamurti was once asked, ‚ÄúDo we learn from experience?‚ÄĚ His answer was, ‚ÄúNo! We don‚Äôt learn from experience. We learn what we¬†choose to learn¬†from experience. The time we carve out to meditate, reflect and write gives us the chance to truly learn from what we experience.

As such, the blog will be our primary platform for stories. The more we blog the more we’ll remember about our journey on day 101.


Quotes 100daysofyoga

11 days until we begin: next steps



Only 11 days left until we start the 100 day yoga challenge.  Here are a few next steps to help us create a more communal and fun experience.

1.  Sign up to contribute to the blog.  You can do that by contacting us, messaging Jeremy on Facebook, or commenting on the blog post below and we can get your email address there.

2.  Sign up for the Facebook Event Group that one of our favorite members created!  This is a space we will use for updates. Thanks Lauren!

3. Let us know if you want to be added to the list of participants or know anyone else that should be.

4.  Send us any ideas you have for group class meet-ups.  We have lots of teachers participating, and we should support them by attending their class when possible!


Blog about your 100 days


Many people taking part in the challenge will be blogging about their 100 days.  Just like many of you kept a journal in your yoga teacher trainings to really learn from the experience, keeping a journal during these 100 days will be a powerful tool and help us to learn, know and teach better.

Learn from your fellow Yogis by reading about what they are thinking and doing in their practice.

Know and understand your experiences better by writing down your lessons you learned.

Teach others about your experience by sharing your insights about yoga and about yourself.

The great philosopher Krishnamurti was once asked, ‚ÄúDo we learn from experience?‚ÄĚ His answer was, ‚ÄúNo! We don‚Äôt learn from experience. We learn what we choose to learn from experience. The time we carve out to meditate, reflect and write gives us the chance to truly learn from what we experience.

We hope our yogi participants will do the same.

To sign up to blog, comment here, send us your email or send me a message on Facebook, and we’ll add you as a user.

Our current roster for the 100 day yoga challenge

challenge and change

Hi everyone. ¬†Just a quick update. ¬†Today, we’re up to over 45 participants. ¬†The number isn’t perfect, people are still coming and going. ¬†But check out the list below to see the people who have expressed interest in taking the 100 day yoga challenge. ¬†Please let me know if we should add or delete your name.

Jeremy C. Wilson
Leigh Cohen
Yasemin Zeytinoglu
Christina Corso
Meltem Zeytinoglu
Ashley Kohler
Lauren Singer
Dominika Malinowska Hertsberg
Rebecca Manderschied
Mariel Victoria
Juan Sanchez
Andi Klostermann
Robyn Rabicke
Sarah Grimmer Finch
Rebecca Manderschied
Angela Ireland Elder
Alicia Wilson
Stefanie Lester Coslow
Nolan Lee
Kari Fitzgerald
Alycia Messenger
Lisa Jeanne
Monica Bright
Ellie Tonev
Shawn Wolfe
Amy O’Connell
abeth Staab
Tanya LoPresti
Courtney Yocum
Brooke Gardner
Vivian Yvone Nguyen
Maggie Nelson
Orin York
Edgar Flores
Jennifer Stevens
Elizabeth Hinker
Halle Miroglotta
Lisa Jeanne
Maggie Nelson
Alexandra Sadie Hochhauser
Howard D.
Deena Schencker
Hector Rangel
Valerie Painter
Sindhura Daggubati
Melinda Holland Costello
Ruby Banipal
Tory Vachula

Welcome to Yogi 100


Welcome to Yogi 100.

This is a group in Chicago that is committed to practicing 100 days of yoga in a row.  And this is our blog where we are going to be sharing our experiences about our journey through the 100 days.  The ups and down.  When we are tired and when we feel energized.  We hope to have many contributors.  Stay tuned for more updates.