Our current roster for the 100 day yoga challenge

challenge and change

Hi everyone.  Just a quick update.  Today, we’re up to over 45 participants.  The number isn’t perfect, people are still coming and going.  But check out the list below to see the people who have expressed interest in taking the 100 day yoga challenge.  Please let me know if we should add or delete your name.

Jeremy C. Wilson
Leigh Cohen
Yasemin Zeytinoglu
Christina Corso
Meltem Zeytinoglu
Ashley Kohler
Lauren Singer
Dominika Malinowska Hertsberg
Rebecca Manderschied
Mariel Victoria
Juan Sanchez
Andi Klostermann
Robyn Rabicke
Sarah Grimmer Finch
Rebecca Manderschied
Angela Ireland Elder
Alicia Wilson
Stefanie Lester Coslow
Nolan Lee
Kari Fitzgerald
Alycia Messenger
Lisa Jeanne
Monica Bright
Ellie Tonev
Shawn Wolfe
Amy O’Connell
abeth Staab
Tanya LoPresti
Courtney Yocum
Brooke Gardner
Vivian Yvone Nguyen
Maggie Nelson
Orin York
Edgar Flores
Jennifer Stevens
Elizabeth Hinker
Halle Miroglotta
Lisa Jeanne
Maggie Nelson
Alexandra Sadie Hochhauser
Howard D.
Deena Schencker
Hector Rangel
Valerie Painter
Sindhura Daggubati
Melinda Holland Costello
Ruby Banipal
Tory Vachula

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