Blog about your 100 days


Many people taking part in the challenge will be blogging about their 100 days.  Just like many of you kept a journal in your yoga teacher trainings to really learn from the experience, keeping a journal during these 100 days will be a powerful tool and help us to learn, know and teach better.

Learn from your fellow Yogis by reading about what they are thinking and doing in their practice.

Know and understand your experiences better by writing down your lessons you learned.

Teach others about your experience by sharing your insights about yoga and about yourself.

The great philosopher Krishnamurti was once asked, “Do we learn from experience?” His answer was, “No! We don’t learn from experience. We learn what we choose to learn from experience. The time we carve out to meditate, reflect and write gives us the chance to truly learn from what we experience.

We hope our yogi participants will do the same.

To sign up to blog, comment here, send us your email or send me a message on Facebook, and we’ll add you as a user.

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