Home practice inspiration

IMG_2629What’s the best thing about a home practice? No trudging throughout the cold during the record making “polar vortex.” No having to get to the studio at a certain time. But there are also drawbacks. Like motivation. So I wanted to share the following resource with fellow yogis undertaking this challenge.

Yogaglo.com. I have been a user of this site for years now, and it’s awesome when you want to do home practice (or hotel practice). There are many different levels, styles, durations, teachers, and techniques. If you have 20 minutes and want some yin, they’ve got it. If you want some philosophy, its there. Arm balance crazy, Kathryn Budig is a teacher! It’s a steaming site so you can log on from you desktop or laptop, and there’s also an iPad app! It is a cost site, but at only $18 a month (less then the price of 1 yoga class at most studios), I think, totally worth it.

For those times over the next 100 days when we want to practice, but can’t or don’t want to get in to the studio.

2 thoughts on “Home practice inspiration

  1. Thanks for sharing. My friend just told me about yogaglo also! I also need the motivation, and just actually prefer to be guided through asana. They offer a free 15 day trial! Worth trying at the least.

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