I have to be honest.
Winter has knocked me on my ass this year.

I lost some ritual, I lost my yoga practice. I singed up on a whim to do 100 days of yoga, it starts in 2 days, and I am nervous, in the best of ways.

I want to be accountable, I want to participate, and I want to find my practice again.

I’m up for it if you guys are.

I will be sharing music/visuals that inspire me along the way.
I know some of you have seen this first one, but I like this lyric:

…Freedom is what you do with what, with what’s been done to you…”


Check it out below.
Myna Bird -Body of Work


48 hours, until all of our bodies feel like summer on the inside for 100 straight days.
Good luck, and deep breaths my people.
I’ll “see” you all soon.

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