Happy Awesomeness Eve, everyone!

Yoga loves,

I’m on a Facebook-Free February, along with some other life detox endeavors, so I look forward to sharing with you all through this lovely blog and beyond.

Also, I would love to host some yoga /meditation nights at my good-for-the-soul place, should any of you be interested I’m getting together for some candlelight goodness. Let’s pow wow on that.

Have a wonderful day, dears. Happy brink of a brand new, exciting, self-care-filled beginning, everyone!

… and sincere thanks to the organizers for putting this together, and for the tech support, per my confusion yesterday! 😉

Much love,

Lisa Jeanne (Kulon)

3 thoughts on “Happy Awesomeness Eve, everyone!

  1. Hi Lisa!

    I would definitely be up for group practice, candles or not! Please keep me posted with days and times you’ll be hosting… I’m looking forward to meeting other 100dayers, and to building a community out of this experience!

    Hope to meet you soon!

    Xo. Liz.

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