Meeting Miracles

Since I barely met the registration deadline for this journey (I joined yesterday) I figured since I’m up around 6:30 am for my bladders daily meeting, I might as well create one of my choosing. You know, start this journey off right by watching the sun wake this side of the earth. As I’m standing, sleepy but present, there I begin to realize that I’m witnessing a miracle. I’ve been witnessing the miracle of life everyday for 28 years but only now am I valuing it. Yes, I am very grateful to be alive and living, but the fact that this billion ton ball of matter orbiting in an expansive realm such as space manages to turn just right each day without me having to do anything but open my eyes to see it – It’s a beautiful thing. And this led me to think of other beautiful things; Humans. How our inner workings are so intricately precise that we can manipulate hundreds of nerve endings and muscles, activate synapses and formulate sentences to describe the miracle of a sunrise without hesitation. The creation of body, mind, and spirit coming together to create a force that we are individually. All the while guiding us to take part of a journey that will make us even grander. I stood in awe twice today. Once for my second meeting with the miracle of the sun, and for the third one with the miracle of me. I hope you guys do the same. Namaste.

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