Developing your home practice

The weather kept me home this evening, but my first home practice of our 100 days was amazing! 

I absolutely love practicing with people, to build community, feel a sense of oneness with others, and benefit from adjustments and the guidance of a teacher. I often forget how peaceful my practice can get when I’m surrounded by myself and the energy and air around me. I light incense and play music, dim the lights and meditate before hand. While all this can happen in the studio, having the space in which you are practicing entirely to yourself can mold and frame your practice in a way that is entirely unique (and if you’re like me, you’re cat too.. she seems to enjoy yoga as well). 

While a big part of our challenge is building community, both through this group of 100 dayers, and with our fellow yogis in the studio, I encourage you to build your home practice throughout these 100 days as well. Let your practice develop both communally and in an intimate, personal way, in and out of the studio.

Beyond having a space for yoga when the studio is either closed or 12 blocks away in stormy weather, I’ve personally found that having a home space makes my apartment feel even more like home. And of course, having an area strictly dedicated to my practice encourages me to come to my mat daily, regardless of weather, a busy schedule, or feeling crappy and/or exhausted — I think to myself, “it’s only 5 feet away, a bit of vinyasa and an inversion or two definitely won’t hurt…”



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