Day seven on this journey

I’ve begun many challenges in my life time. Some of these challenges I have finished and some of them I have not. I’m really focused on not just completing this challenge but making new habits so that yoga everyday becomes my reality. On day 7 I had many reasons and excuses not to make a yoga class today. I planned to make a 4:45 class but then a work emergency happened at 3:15. So then I decided to take a 6pm class, my work emergency took longer then I expected but I I trekked my way through the city to get to this class, the teacher and manager said it was ok for me to arrive slightly late. Well needless to say I arrived later than I was comfortable entering a class. My friend Angela was meeting me there and she was already in class. What’s a girl to do? I took the next class that was starting in 5 minutes. It wasn’t the class that I wanted to take but it was great and my hips really appreciated it. Needless to say sometimes you might not get what you want but you will get what you need.

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