The two ways I go to yoga classes


A few days ago, I took a 6:30 A.M. class and arrived about 30 minutes early.  Not only did I get to warm up and meditate before class but I also had one of my best classes in a while.  The whole process got me thinking that this probably wasn’t a coincidence.

There are two ways I tend to go to a yoga class.

The first (probably the most common) is to leave my place right on time, do my best to take the shortest route possible, repeatedly look at the clock, and then start moving faster and faster to be sure I make. By the time I get to the front door, I realize that I am breathing hard and barely going to make it.

The second way is to leave for the studio 20 minutes earlier. Create buffer time for the walk over and get 20 minutes of time to relax, warm up and meditate in class.

When I travel the first way, I’m sure to get stressed out. Sure, I maximize my time but I also maximize chances of missing class, sweating by the time I get to my mat and not having enough space or focused energy to start practice well.

On the other hand, when I travel the second way, there’s no chance of missing class. I also have time to meditate, stretch and relax before class.  When I travel this way, the class goes better every single time.

In most cases, option #1 is more tempting but option #2 is always far better. And that change only costs 20 minutes.

Perhaps an idea worth considering outside of yoga as well.


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