Reflections of day 19

Until last night, the 100 days of yoga hadn’t meant much to me. In fact, until last night, I haven’t had to change my routine at all. I usually practice every day. This year I have had so much fun exploring different studios and practicing under the tutelage of unfamiliar teachers and styles. During the first twenty days I enjoyed instruction in vinyasa, c-yoga and Acro yoga at Urban Lotus, Nature Yoga, Moksha, Corepower and Yoga Lab. I’ve been lucky to have friends to practice alongside most days and to find the stillness and motivation within myself on the days when I am alone. I knew there would be days that I wouldnt feel like practicing, but I hadn’t had one of them yet.

Until last night. My roommate and I are lounging in the living room binge watching the last episode of Season Two of House of Cards. I had a 14 hour day, including working a 9-5 and teaching a class immediately before and after my day job. I taught both of the classes I would have usually taken. It’s 8:00pm. I just missed HPF. My last chance is the 9:15pm C2 at Lincoln Park (thank god for late classes). I am watching the time tick-tock by. I contemplate practicing at home, but know that I will half -ass everything until House of Cards is over. I teach again at 6am. I really just want to have a beer and fall asleep on the couch.

Instead, my roommate and I decide to go to yoga. Although I didn’t mention my motivation to her, and she didn’t question it since I practice daily, the only reason I think I got myself off the couch last night was because I didn’t want to bail on a commitment that I made to myself-not so early on in the game, not without a better reason. I told myself that inhad full permission to lounge. That I could take it easy with the physical asana and focus on my breath and creating a meditative mindset with which to end my night.

So, I end up practicing. As soon as I gave myself permission to take it easy, to acknowledge that I was tired, that I didn’t have to have the most physically impressive practice of my life, it became delicious. As soon as I walked into the studio and started listening to the lovely Emily A guide me through practice, I started wanting to practice. I ended up having a very good practice. My breath was long and deep and my physical asana attentive and strong. I felt so good. I cannot believe that I might have missed such a beautiful practice.


Thanks, hundred days of yoga.





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