Three weeks in …

Namaste Yogi Warriors.

Yes, warriors. For three weeks you have battled and endured Chicago’s coldest weather in 20 years and come out victorious. And you’ve have probably enjoyed Warrior poses in 100 degree studios more than ever.  Actually see below for proof of some of those poses over last ten or so days. Keep up the epic work!




Linnea defying gravity!


Nolan doing Ninja Yoga

Nolan doing flips

Yasemin posted about her love for yoga!

Photo from Yasemin

Lilly posting a photo of Dancer’s pose


Ashley J with friends

Ashley J with friends

Danielle and Bobby on a vacation in the sun

Danielle and Bobby

Hector on Day 8 or 9.


Dominika doing art!


Lauren doing what she does best (having fun with Yogis!)

lauren singer making magic

Andrea in another pose


An empty yoga studio at 6AM.  Hmmmmm


Someone creeping on Jeremy (and his cool dragon yoga pants) while doing a armstand



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