PS/ Addendum to the article: After writing this blog, I napped some more, and rested some more, and then my best friend and favorite yogi partner ever came over to show me her sequence for the week, and I end up practicing a little bit anyways. It’s yoga– I can’t stay away ❤

This morning, I woke up feeling sick. I had plans to practice at Moksha in the morning with my partner before he went to work. Headache, stomach ache. Dizziness. Gratitude that today is my day off. Postponed plans to practice until 5:45 tonight under the masterful tutelage of the beautiful Anna C.

My journey with yoga, way back when we first met, was how yoga inspired me to listen to the needs of my own body. To hear what my body was saying, and instead of brushing it aside, engaging in a conversation with it. Asking it questions. Giving it time to formulate answers.

So how did I practice yoga today? In the sense of physical asana, I didn’t really. I didn’t go to a class. I didn’t leave the house. But it was nice to take my home practice in a way that really responded to the needs of my body. So important to the success of the rigorous asana practice is the rehabilitative yin, surrender of yoga. The mindset that I take on when I enter the studio or step on to my mat is one of conscious mindfulness. The mindset, I think more than the actual movements, defines my yoga experience for me.

Today was about mindset. What did my body want? To sit. To sleep. To count mala beads and the length of my inhales and exhales. To rest. To sit. To sleep. The recount the mala beads, for my fingers to make their way back to the guru bead again and again. My mind wanted to practice. The stubborn, goal-ridden part of my brain ridicules today as a failure. The intelligent part of my brain that is able to separate itself from my ego is all like, giiiiirl, please. Stay in bed. Today, this will be the yoga. Breath work, meditation and stillness are absolutely yoga.

I got out of bed long enough to step outside and feel the cold air snapping some sense back into my sleepy, foggy brain. Took this picture of a pose that helps me to feel grounded, stable, and expansive. Today, this pose speaks to me as a place where I can keep my head above my heart, where I can breathe freely and hugely into an open chest, where I can find playfulness through the motions of my upper body as it responds to its environment, and steadiness and stability through the lower body which roots itself firmly. Sweatpants-asana.



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