Finding the true purpose of my yoga

So it’s day 40 and I can’t believe we’re almost halfway there.

The physical changes Im already seeing in my body blow me away. My always stubborn hamstrings are stretching more rapidly then they have even after several years of yoga; and I can do things I never expected (especially not in such a short amount of time). Last night I flipped from wild thing into Wheel Pose. Wha???

But, for me, this challenge has been a lifesaver for other reasons.  I have always been proud of the fact that I was raised by my father. My mother was toxic and uninterested, and after they divorced when I was only 4, she didn’t want the job.  Luckily for me (and my younger brother) my father volunteered. Many of you know that very unexpectedly, last September, just months past his 60th birthday my father passed away.  Its been 6 months, and most days I still cannot comprehend what this means.

Up until this, yoga to me was a fun thing I enjoyed doing.  I liked teaching it, I liked doing it, I liked having friends that would nerd out about it with me.  But since my dad died, its changed profoundly for me.  It’s become my sanctuary.  It’s not that hard to practice every day for me because I need it now. And not just the asanas. The meditation, the delving deeper; the savasana. It’s where I can find some quiet to remember my dad; to find some peace, to dedicate my practice to the man who started it all.

Why share this? Because I am so grateful to have had this 100 day challenge come along at a time in my life where I didn’t just want to do it; but I needed to do it.  So to all of you dedicating yourself to this; I say; Thank you.


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