100 for 100

100 for 100


Growth requires a certain singleness of mind. As Jesus once said, “you cannot serve two masters.” Either you commit to a change of heart and mind and live it out, or you are just playing around. This singleness of mind I’m talking about means making a total commitment to the path of growth: no wavering, no detours, absolute commitment to staying present, unconditional commitment to discovering and living by the truth within. I’m talking about staying the course, even when it hurts.” An excerpt from Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution – Law 6: Commit to Growth


Just as finally being able to do a yoga pose like handstand, headstand, forearm balance or whatever doesn’t mean that any sort of bells, whistles or fireworks go off; hitting this 100 days in a row mark of yoga pretty much means nothing either. A unicorn didn’t accompany me to class today, the practice was the same (which means I got out of it exactly what I put into it) and other than a nice recognition from my beloved community of Anjali yogis, nothing was different on this day 100 than it was on day 47. Except that I am different. My asana practice is relatively the same, save for a better sense of focus, gratitude and peace that comes with it; but the yoga I practice off the mat is what keeps growing, opening up, and letting go. A favorite teacher of mine said in a class the other week that we are all searching for balance in our lives and we think that an extra yoga class, meditation session or kale smoothie is going to bring that to us. Yet, without giving up something (or some things) that don’t serve us, we don’t allow ourselves the space to create something new or to find the balance we seek. These 100 days for me didn’t necessarily cause me to give things up but instead they gave me up (trust the process of Baptiste yoga!!!). Without even trying, yoga became part of my daily routine, in the same sense of brushing my teeth is. And it’s opened my heart more to practicing equanimity, non-reactivity, peace, love, and gratitude for my life and those in it. The actual number of days doesn’t matter, but the commitment I made to myself does. And what it means is that I’ll be back on my mat tomorrow and the day after that. And the day after that. Being on my mat will continue to allow me to practice the part of yoga that is most important to me: the stuff that happens off my mat.


Since I did keep a log though, here’s a rundown of the numbers:

  • Number of hours practiced: 118
  • Studios visited: 9
  • Cities I practiced in: 5
  • Workshops/Master Classes attended: 7
  • Intentions set: 100s
  • New yogi friends made: handfuls
  • Chaturangas performed: countless