group yoga

Below are the participants (in alphabetical order) in the 100 Day Yoga Challenge!

Alexandra Axell
Alexandra Sadie Hochhauser
Alicia Wilson
Allyson Rasmussen
Alycia Messenger
Amy O’Connell
Amy White Hanas
Andi Klostermann
Angela Ireland Elder
Angelique Nelson
Angie Green
Anna O
Annie Piggins
Ariana Melendez
Arianne Cohen
Ashley Jean
Ashley Kohler
Ashley Sullivan
Beth Albrecht
Beth Hannon
Brooke Gardner
Carla Primero
Christine Koclanis Weyant
Colleen France
Colleen Harvey
Courtney Yocum
Dan Plehal
Daniel Heartsong
Danielle A Hoffman
Darrah Mugrauer
Debbie Turner
Deena Schencker
Deepi SIdhu
Dominika Malinowska Hertsberg
Domonique Kilo
Dr. Andrea Green-Gibson
Edgar Flores
Eleni Ceven
Elizabeth Staab
Elizabeth Hinker
Emily Spirakes
Erin Campbell
Garret Nicole Wood
Halle Miroglotta
Heather Lowney
Hector Rangel
Jana Yanover
Jean Fisher
Jeanelle Sims
Jen Naye
Jeremy C. Wilson
Jessica Lamb
Jessica Smith
Jessica Thoms
Jigme Sherpa
Josh Strand
Juan Sanchez
Karalyn Miyuki
Kari Fitzgerald
Katherine Ranft
Katya Sidelnik
Kayla Max
Kenya Butts
Kevin A. Pence
Kim Lapaglia
Latina Williams
Lauren Goldstein
Lauren Jones
Lauren Singer
Leigh Cohen
Liliana Salazar
Lilly Skolnik
Lindsay Madison
Lindsey Warner
Linnea Schlegel
Lisa Jeanne
Liz Bedi
Maggie Nelson
Mariel Victoria
Matthew Young
Maritza Mendez
Max Ukaigwe
Melinda Holland Costello
Meltem Zeytinoglu
Mia Baldo
Michael Walik
Michele Haaland
MIchelle Lomax
Mike Primero
Monica Bright
Naomi Zelin
Natalie Hurdle
Nathaniel Stern
Nicolette Verone
Nolan Lee
Orian York
Paula Bui
Priti Patel
Rebecca Manderschied
Robyn Rabicke
R. Cohen
Randy Nelson
Ruby Banipal
Rupika Anand
Sarah Grimmer Finch
Sarah Radov
Serra Saridereli
Sindhura Daggubati
Sonia Behal
Stefani Leopold
Stefanie Lester Coslow
Steve Broyles
Tanya LoPresti
Tara Treaster
Tony Cosentino
Tory Vachula
Tricia Stamatakos
Valerie Painter
Veronica Golin
Vivian Yvone Nguyen
Yasemin Zeytinoglu

11 thoughts on “Participants

    • Mariel:

      Thanks for commenting. I’ll invite everyone who wants to contribute before we start on 2/1. Should only need email address and I have yours now. It will be simple to log in an post!


  1. Hi! I would like to join. I actually started doing my own 100 days 28 days ago but would like to follow along – would that work? i suppose i wouldn’t mind doing 128 days…

    • Colleen:

      Thanks for commenting. We sent over some information via email about the 100 Days. Hope you received and had a chance to take a look.


  2. Jeremy,
    She is my daughter. We will be doing this together “in spirit” and in support of one another as I live in Hawaii and she is in Chicago. I will have to do some at home classes as I live a bit rural and do not have access to daily classes. BUT I”M IN FOR 100 days of YOGA!!!

  3. Hi. If like to join the 100 day yoga group. I practiced today where a yogi friend told me about it and sent me the info.
    Josh S

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