Yoga Is…

yoga is  Yesterday I began my 100 days of Yoga journey. The best place for me to begin a journey of such magnitude was to start at the beginning. So I decided that opposed to beginning with asanas (physical practice) I would focus on a different limb from the eight limbed path, Niyamas. Under the Niyamas there is a branch by the name of svadhyaya, which means self Рstudy.

I decided to watch a video on Netflix, Yoga Is. The video was very enlightening. It was a documentary of a woman who went on a yogic journey to India and the many lessons she learned. There were various teachers who spoke on a variety of subjects, but all encompassing the question, what is yoga?

Yoga is the unification of mind, body, and spirit. When this connection has been severed or lost, we then lose ourselves. Yoga aids to bring each piece back together and restore that unification. The most profound line in the entire video was: You can’t do yoga, because ultimately you are it.

And with that, I begin…

“All that I am is the result of what I have thought.”