Dedication and commitment

Tapas means “to burn.” It is one of the 5 niyamas in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.
There are many words that describe the concept of tapas; fire, discipline, commitment and austerity to name a few. Through passion and commitment we create the fire that transforms us. The work of tapas is not about how advanced our asanas look, but how committed we are to our practice.

Why do I return to my mat day after day? To unwind, to get uncomfortable , to challenge my limits, and to learn to accept myself fully. Why do you?

In love and light,


Day 11-17

Daily practice continues without interruptions. I went to Deepak Chopra’s speech a while ago, and he said something that stuck with me “when you don’t have time to meditate, meditate twice.” When I think I can only squeeze in 15 min of practice, I do it twice and the second time around it ends up being AMAZING.

I am happy to report my home practice is flourishing, and I am feverish with excitement about the trip to Europe. Already explored some yoga studios online. Stay tuned, as I will be sending updates shortly.

In love and light,


Day 9 & 10

The simplest poses can be the most challenging. One of my students and a good friend told me that you know you are practicing yoga when Adho Mukha Svanasana becomes the most difficult pose.

I took a class last night that was beautiful in its simplicity yet very physically challenging . This morning’s practice was a spin on a beginner’s vinyasa flow. The “easy” poses became a struggle not only because of the long and strenuous holds, but also because of the mental exertion.

In love and light,

*practicing with friends in South Loop
*yoga in Oak Park

Today and yesterday Adho Mukha Svanasana was difficult, and I consider this a successful practice.



Day 8

Yoga is trust. Trust that your practice will take you to the places you thought were impossible. It’s not just about the handstand, but about the connections you make along the way; with yourself and those around you.
At one point you realize that we are all breathing the same air, feeling the same snow and seeing the same sun.

The below picture is of my husband and best friend in their savasana after our trial practice for Valentines yoga class.

In love and light,


Day 7

It was a challenge to roll out of bed this morning; but the effort paid off.

In yoga classes I always hear teachers say that we hold tension in our hips, yet I never really connected with this message. Let me tell you…when I got into Gomukhasana this morning, my world started spinning. All the anger, frustration and self doubt started coming out. I began comparing myself to others in the class and judging . And then I closed my eyes and started breathing transforming all the negativity to joy. I was happy I woke up, I got to practice, see my friends and deepen my asanas.

When filled with uncertainty and self doubt, take a child’s pose, close your eyes and listen to the flow of your breath. Sometimes all you need is this flow, and all will begin to transform.

In love and light,


Day 6

I taught a Manipura (3rd chakra) flow class today. In my personal practice I decided to apply the principles I asked my students to follow.

Manipura chakra awakens our inner warrior. It allows us to discover who we are, and empowers us to embrace our whole being.

In your practice be loving, proud, and fierce. Move through asanas with a brave heart and confidence. Allow yourself to shine.

In love and light,


Day 5

The weather made getting to a yoga class pretty difficult. Thankfully, my car was able to maneuver its way to CPY South Loop right in time for a deliciously warm vinyasa.

I was led through a wonderful flow, with a reminder to look for the positive even in the most difficult situations.

I struggled with balance in Eka Pada Utkatasana but I was there, getting stronger and more fierce with every breath. My Eka Pada Galavasana wasn’t so hot on the left, but was pretty impressive on the right.

Bottom line is, there are days I feel like a rock star, and there are days I feel like a rock. I planted a seed and continue to water it, trusting that one day I will blossom. Right now, I am enjoying the journey.

In love and light,


Day 4

I led a beginners class this morning. One of the participants told me before we started that she doesn’t like yoga because it’s boring.

She is so wrong and so right! Yoga poses stripped of any meaning are just that – poses. To fall in love with yoga means to understand the healing and emotional qualities of practice. The way we breathe, balance, feel and flow brings meaning to asanas; it gives them the fire that burns within.

So I talked; about pranayama, tapas, flow and freedom. Asanas became a pen that wrote a story. In case you wonder, the skeptical student is coming back next week.

In love and light,


Day 3

Handstand can be very emotional; students experience wide array of feelings ranging from fear and anxiety to excitement and exhilaration. The pose requires complete trust in oneself and the ability to let go of the fear of unknown.

So I decided to go upside down today. Not just “asana” speaking. The goal for day 3 of yoga challenge was to go outside of my comfort zone and be a rebel. I like schedules, checkboxes and lists; today was a box without borders kind of day. I literally allowed myself to let go, and it felt amazing.

I encourage you to start the day upside down and see where it takes you.

In love and light


Day 2

It is so liberating to allow yourself to step on your mat, and to journey into a special place EVERY day.
For the 30 minutes, 1 hour, no matter, you find peace and freedom within yourself. To look forward to a new day, a new practice, and a new challenge is such an incredible gift.

In love and light


Day 1

I woke up excited to pile through the snow to my 1st of 100 classes. It is really a thousandth + class but I feel I am starting fresh. I looked at the twists and inversions through the eyes of the novice and loved every moment of it. How was yours 1/100?

In love and light