Acknowledge, Accept & Release Emotions … Even the Sad Ones.

Recently experiencing a loss in my life, a friend advised that I should stop denying myself of feeling sadness (I was doing so to seem strong). Instead, she told me to meditate on the sadness – understand and confront it and eventually it will slip away. Today, it finally did.

The experience of witnessing an emotion ‘pass’ is something that is very hard to describe, I realize as I write this post. However, I encourage you all to acknowledge, accept, and release emotions through your meditation practices rather than thinking that your meditation has to be a time of thoughtlessness or forcing your emotions to standstill or subside.

With time and practice, we all can and will return to our ‘default’ state … which is one of pure and abundant happiness. Sending joy across the airwaves to all of my fellow yogis 🙂